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Our Story

Our Story

Live your dash everyday

Live Your Dash was founded in 2022 by Beth (left) and Ruth (right) based on the poem 'The Dash' by Linda Ellis. Beth and Ruth both believe in living life to the fullest and jumping at opportunities that come your way. When they were approached in early 2022 about opening the boutique, they knew it was the perfect chance to live their dash in a new way. Throughout the boutique, you will find women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories along with Live Your Dash pieces that serve as a reminder to live your life to the fullest every day. We welcome people of all shapes, sizes, and ages to shop our boutique which is filled with curated pieces inclusive of all body types. 

Visit us and Live Your Dash today. 

Sincerely,Beth & Ruth

What We Sell

What We Sell



Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 3 - 8 PM

Wednesday: 10 - 8 PM

Thursday: 10 - 8 PM
Friday: 10 - 8 PM

Saturday:10 - 8 PM
Sunday: 4 - 7 PM




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